About Us

Promoting the design, construction, maintenance, and operation of safe and efficient highways.

Our Society was formed 50 years ago to be a voice for the highway industry. Over the years, we have grown from a small group of individuals to a national organization of over 4,000 members. This steady growth has occurred because of our commitment to the highway industry. We understand that the reputation of our organization is based on the integrity and character of its members. That is why all members are required to abide by the code of conduct that is set into place by our Board of Directors.

The members of the highway industry recognize that their work has a direct and vital impact on the quality of life for all people. As a result, the service provided by the various professions, industries, and businesses requires, honesty, impartiality, fairness, and equity, and must be dedicated to the protection of the public health, safety and welfare. To this end, Society members should be aware of the Society’s mission statement, understanding its impact to their profession and use it in their daily conduct at work.

The mission of the American Society of Highway Engineers is to provide a forum for members and partners of the highway industry to promote a safe, efficient and sustainable transportation system through education, innovation, and fellowship.

To promote the regions planning, design, construction, maintenance, and operation of safe and efficient highways.

To foster a general understanding of the value of highways, and seek support for their fiscal viability.

To stimulate and publicize technology advances in the highway field.

To stress the value of individuals, and to facilitate ethics, leadership, and career growth.

To encourage communication among all segments of the highway industry.